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Workers’ Rights

The representation of labour union members and their families has been a top priority for California Workers’ Rights Lawyers at Regal Attorney ever since the company was founded. Regal Attorney, a company that is well-known for its work with labour unions, also represents non-union employees who work for the government or private sector.

There are numerous state and federal laws in place to safeguard each employee’s rights. That does not, however, always stop enterprises and businesses from abusing their workers’ rights and taking unfair advantage of them. Our attorneys will assist you in taking legal action if you have experienced discrimination or if your employer disregarded the labour laws that apply to employment in California.



    Do I Need a Workers’ Rights Lawyer?

    It is best to contact an experienced attorney to defend you if you are considering bringing a workers’ rights lawsuit against your employer. You need a lawyer to help you understand your rights and your legal options because employment law can be complicated. A workers’ rights lawyer will gather the required data for your claim and will create a compelling argument on your side. Our team is aware of the strategies your employer’s legal counsel may take to deny or weaken your claim, and we will vigorously advocate on your behalf. We comprehend how frightening it might be to confront a boss who has treated you unfairly. As a result, we make a promise to each of our customers that we would stand by them and support them in their fight against those who have abused them.

    Workers’ Rights Cases We Handle

    Some of the most crucial requirements in the legislation, which aim to keep workers safe, include:

    Fall protection: Falls are the leading cause of fatal workplace accidents and major workplace injuries. Employers are required to provide a working environment that keeps workers from falling from platforms or high workstations.
    Respiratory protection: Employers are required to provide appropriate respirators in situations when workers must perform their duties in an atmosphere with little available oxygen or potentially hazardous dust or fog.
    Noise management is necessary to prevent harm due to the possibility of hearing loss.
    Prevent exposure to excessive concentrations of dangerous compounds like lead and asbestos by following OSHA’s rigorous regulations. Chemical labelling regulations and workplace respiratory hazard assessments must both be followed by employers.