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We are the top personal injury attorney and we believe in getting justice for accident victims. Our firm has been in business for over 30 years and we have helped quite a number of accident victims with the claims. The sad reality is most corporations and insurance companies have a team of attorneys who will always find a way out of the situation without paying up. However, we are here to ensure that the compensation is done in the right manner and each responsible party is held accountable. We are lawyers who will respect your personal injury cases and ensure that you are fully compensated.

Personal injuries can be a result of a number of incidents and it is important to ensure that you have a lawyer to help you with the claims. There are expenses that will be incurred including medical bills and other related expenses. Depending on the extent of the injury, you may also end up losing your wages due to being incapacitated. With our personal injury attorneys, you will get the best legal representation. Our attorneys are knowledgeable, experienced and quite aggressive. We will not rest until

Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents have become rampant on the busy roads. We have represented a number of clients in different parts of the city and even beyond. As a matter of fact, we are rated as the top personal injury lawyers in California. We have handled a number of auto accident cases and ensured that the victims are settled in the way that they deserve. We know that your life will be affected by personal injuries. However, with the rightful claims, we will make it easier for you to get through life and ensure that your family is not affected extremely.

Our team of experts is always ready and available to provide legal representations for car accident victims. If you have any questions or concerns about the settlements or the claims that you can make, give us a call. It is important to note that every vehicle has insurance to cover such cases. However, the insurance companies are in the business of making profits and as such, they will not pay up easily. We are your motor vehicle accident attorneys and we will work with you and ensure that you are compensated fully. Talk to us today to get a quote.

There are so many truck accidents that happen and a number of victims are left with serious injuries. Most truck drivers are known to cover long distances and as such, they can easily be distracted. A simple mistake would end up causing serious accidents that can result in injuries and even death. We have helped a good number of accident victims and ensure that their life is manageable after a crash. As an injured truck accident victim, you are entitled to compensation and our solicitors will work with you and hold the responsible parties liable.

Truck Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Are you a resident and have been involved in a motorcycle accident? You will certainly need the services of experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. While motorists have the liberty to ride as they would please, there are rules that need to be observed. Other motorists should look out for the motorcyclists on the road and allow them to ride without too much worry. The size of the motorbikes is less than that of other automobiles. When an accident happens, the motorcycle rider will suffer serious injuries. In some severe cases, the riders may even end up dead.

As a local personal injury firm, we are committed to ensuring that all the rights of the motorcycle riders are not violated. We will take each case personally and ensure that we are following up with the settlements in the right manner. We are lawyers who will show compassion when pursuing your case and at the end of the day, you will have the amount that you deserve as compensation.

You will find both adults and children cycling. The challenge is that there is a huge risk of injuries due to the recklessness of other motorists. When you have motorists that are driving in a negligent manner, they may end up causing accidents, which can be devastating. Every bicyclist has their legal rights and we are the law firm that allows you to get compensated for the damages. When a motorist violates the statues that are provided by the government and end up causing injuries, we will help you pursue the matter.

We know that there are many personal injury lawyers in this region but they do not pay attention to cyclists. When a vehicle causes an accident, it is the responsibility of the automobile’s insurance provider to pay for the claims. We have the best team of bicycle accident lawyers and we will help you in your quest for justice. Our attorneys will pursue the claim and ensure that the injured cyclist is compensated with the right settlements. There are many accidents that happen to bicycle riders and we the best firm to make sure that your claims are fully paid.

Bicycle Accident Attorney

Dog Bites

Have you been injured as a result of dog bites or attacks? We are here to represent you and offer professional legal counsel. We are the best dog bites, lawyers. The dog owner is responsible for such cases. It is their duty to ensure that their dogs are leashed and contained. When there is an injury, the dog owner is responsible for the injuries to the victim, whether the dog has been vicious or not in the past. The property owner where the dog stays can also be held liable in cases of fault or negligence.

Dog bites can leave permanent scars and even permanent injuries. We are the personal injury lawyer and we will work with you to ensure that the damages are recovered. Most insurance policies do not cover dog bites and as such, you will need a good lawyer to ensure that you are compensated for such matters. We are professionals and we will ensure that your needs are addressed and the liabilities are passed on to the responsible party.

There are several accidents that can happen in your day to day life. When this happens, there are different aspects of your life that can be affected including loss of wages. There are medical bills that are incurred and in cases of wrongful death, there will be funeral expenses. With our skills, experience, and knowledge, we will be able to offer you the best services to protect your interest. We have been working with different clients through the years and have always succeeded in our pursuit of compensation. When you come to us, we will work day and night and see to it that your rights are completely protected.

Life is rather unpredictable and even when you have all safety measures in place, accidents are prone to happen. When you are in need of a personal injury lawyer, we will be available to deliver the best service. We have invested in modern technologies to make our work easier. We will have our team of investigators taking up your case. We will review your case and come up with all the possible options that we can explore. At the end of the day, our intention is to see to it that your interests are protected. We have the experience and the resources to help us put a strong case on your behalf.

Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are injured, you may not know how to go about making claims. As such, most victims end up being underpaid or not paid at all. However, with our personal injury lawyers, you can be sure that the matter will be handled in a professional way. We will take all the measures to see to it that the responsible parties are held accountable. We have served so many residents of LA and our services are customer-centric.

If you are involved in an accident that is not your fault, we are the lawyers to help you make the negligent party pay for their mistakes. Most insurance companies will strive to convince you to take lower settlements or drop the claims. We have the capacity to fight this battle on your behalf. Give us a call and you are assured of the best legal counsel and representation.

Get in Touch

Accidents and incidents will happen every now and then. However, this does not mean that your life should come to a stop. With our personal injury attorney, we will ensure that you are compensated for the damages. Contact us today and let our lawyers take a look at your case and determine the best course of action to take.

Our Practice Areas

Personal Injury Cases and Related Practice Areas

Personal Injury

A slip-and-fall claim is filed when an individual sustains injuries due to a slip-and-fall incident.

Construction Accidents

Construction accident cases are defined as any personal injury claims brought as a result of injuries incurred during building construction.

Car Accidents

When someone gets hurt in a car accident, a lawsuit is filed. It is the most common type of claim for a car accident.

Motorcycle Accidents

When someone is hurt in a motorcycle accident, they can file a motorcycle accident claim.


When someone gets hurt because of something that happened on a railroad, they can file a FELA case.

Truck Accidents

A truck accident claim is filed when a person sustains injuries in a truck accident.

Premises Liability

When someone gets hurt on someone else's property, they can file a premises liability case.

Nursing Home Abuse

When someone gets hurt while in the care of a nursing home, they can file a claim for nursing home abuse.

Workers’ Rights

Personal injuries sustained on the workplace are the basis of a workers' rights claim filed against an employer.

Train Accidents

When an individual is harmed in a railway accident, he or she files a train accident claim.

Slip and Fall

A slip-and-fall claim is filed when an individual sustains injuries due to a slip-and-fall incident.

Work-Related Injuries

A claim for workplace injury is brought when an employee sustains an injury in the course of employment.

Wrongful Death

A claim for wrongful death is filed when a person dies due to the negligence of another party.

Aviation Accidents

An aircraft accident claim is a personal injury lawsuit filed by a person who has sustained injuries as a result of an airline accident.

Back and Neck Injuries

Back and neck injury claims are personal injury actions made by individuals who have incurred back or neck injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Claims for traumatic brain injuries are personal injury lawsuits filed when an individual has received head injuries that resulted in a traumatic brain injury.

Sexual Abuse

A sexual abuse claim is a personal injury claim brought when a person has been injured by sexual misconduct.

Defective Drugs & Products

A claim for a defective drug or product is a personal injury claim filed by a person who has been harmed by a defective drug or product.

Toxic Substance Exposure

A toxic substance exposure claim is a personal injury lawsuit filed by a person who has sustained injuries owing to toxic substance exposure.


An asbestos claim is a personal injury lawsuit filed by a person who has sustained injuries due to asbestos exposure.

Class Actions

A class action lawsuit is filed by a group or class of individuals who have been affected by another party's acts.

Medical Malpractice

A medical malpractice (medical negligence) claim is a personal injury claim made against a doctor or other medical professionals for injuries sustained as a result of malpractice.

Zantac Lawsuit

A Zantac lawsuit is brought against the drug's manufacturer for injuries sustained as a direct result of using the medication.

Talcum Powder

A talcum powder claim has been filed against the manufacturer of talcum powder for long-term damages and illness caused by the usage of their product.

3M Earplug Lawsuit

A 3M Earplug claim is filed against the producer of 3M TM Combat ArmsTM earplugs for injuries sustained during military duty as a result of defective design.

Rental Bike Accidents

A bicycle rental accident claim is a lawsuit filed by a personal injury attorney on behalf of a client who has been harmed in a bicycle rental accident.

Tourist Injuries

When a someone has an injury while traveling as a tourist, he or she files a tourist injury claim.

Property Damage

A property damage claim is a personal injury claim that is made when an individual is hurt while their property is damaged.

Philips CPAP Lawsuit Attorneys

A Philips CPAP claim is filed when a person is hurt by a Philips CPAP device.

Fires and Explosions

A fire or explosion claim is made when an individual is harmed due to fire or explosion-related injuries.

Baby Formula Lawsuits

A claim for baby formula is filed when a person is damaged due to personal injuries incurred through the usage of baby formula.

Social Security Disability

If you are disabled and unable to continue working, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits.

Fires and Explosions

A fire or explosion claim is made when an individual is harmed due to fire or explosion-related injuries.

Electric Scooters

A personal injury attorney files an electric scooter claim on behalf of a client injured in an electric scooter accident.


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First, get medical help right away. Call 911 or ask someone to call for an ambulance, if needed, and ask the police to come to the scene to write a traffic accident report. Emergency workers may come to the scene and take you to the hospital that is closest. If you have a choice, choose to go to the emergency room so you can get help right away. If you are still in pain or have other symptoms after your accident, don’t wait to go to the hospital or your primary care doctor.

Second, if you can, get all the information you need about the people involved in the accident. This includes insurance information, driver’s licenses, and how to get in touch with witnesses. Take pictures of the accident scene, the other cars, and your injuries. If the police come to the scene, don’t say you’re at fault to them until our firm has finished its investigation. Get in touch with the police department and ask for a copy of the incident report. If you can’t, we’ll be happy to do it for you.

Third, call us right away at our phone no for a free consultation about your accident and injury.

If you’ve been hurt in an accident, you should talk to a strong law firm that has handled personal injury claims before. Don’t talk to anyone else about your case until you’ve talked to a lawyer, especially anyone from the other party’s insurance company. The Regal Attorney Firm has been taking care of and winning thousands of personal injury cases for over 30 years. Call the Regal Attorney Firm at for a free case review and consultation.

Everything about your accident, such as a Traffic Collision Report, photos of the scene, vehicles, and/or injuries, insurance and contact information for all parties and witnesses, medical records and bills related to your treatment, and anything else. Don’t worry if you don’t know all of these things. The Regal Attorney Firm has investigators and a lot of other tools to gather all the information you need to make sure you have the best case possible.

If the person who caused your accident didn’t have valid liability insurance, you may still be able to get money from your own insurance through uninsured motorist coverage (UM) or underinsured motorist coverage (UIM) (UIM). UM and UIM are optional coverages that you can buy to protect yourself if an accident is caused by someone who isn’t insured or isn’t insured enough. Importantly, there may be other parties to blame that the average person doesn’t know about, like a defect in the car or a problem with how the government designed the road. That’s why you should call us for a free consultation.

It’s hard to know how much your case is worth right after an accident. There are many things that affect a case’s value, such as the severity of your injuries, the at-fault party’s insurance liability limits, the percentage of fault for each party, the insurance company’s evaluation policy, the defense law firm’s skill or lack of skill at trial, your law firm’s reputation for winning big trial verdicts, and many more. This is why it’s important to call us for a free consultation.

Your recovery might not be very good. Under Proposition 213, a law in California, a driver must have valid car liability insurance. If you were in an accident and didn’t have valid liability insurance, you may only be able to get your “economic damages” back. Some examples are medical bills and property damage. You might not be able to get “non-economic damages,” though. These include things like your pain and suffering, the trouble an accident causes, physical injury and disfigurement, and other types of damage. Call us for a free consultation.

For people 18 and older, the time limit for filing a personal injury claim in California is two years. If you don’t file a lawsuit within two years of your accident, you may lose your right to get paid for your claims. The two-year rule has important exceptions, like claims for minors or claims against a government entity. A claim against a government agency must be filed within six (6) months of the incident. If the government agency at fault rejects the claim, a lawsuit must be filed within six (6) months of that. These details and exceptions could make or break your case, so you should call us right away for a free consultation with an experienced lawyer.

California uses the comparative fault model. This means that the amount you can get back from an accident depends on how much you were at fault, but you can still get money back even if you were partly to blame. For instance, if you were 25% to blame for an accident and the other driver was 75% to blame, you are entitled to 75% of your damages. Call us right now to talk to someone for free.

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    Deciding to go to court is a big step, so you want to make sure you’re working with a legal team you can trust and that has the experience your case needs to succeed. At Regal attorney, we’ve helped many people just like you get the compensation they deserved after an accident or injury. Here are some real testimonials from some of our former clients about their experiences with our firm.

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