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Slip and Fall

Children appear to have the ability to run, err, fall, and then spring back up without even receiving a scratch or bruise. However, falls can become increasingly serious as we age. A single fall could leave us temporarily damaged or recovering for weeks or months.

Slip-and-fall accident victims could feel ashamed and not want to make a scene by approaching the property owner. Don’t let a landowner get away with carelessness. In California, it is required of property owners to keep their buildings, residences, and properties risk-free. Your personal injury attorney in California must be able to demonstrate that the property owner knew there was a risk on the property, did nothing to prevent it, and that this carelessness caused the accident that led to your injuries. Even a trespasser like a robber may receive damages if it can be proven that the property owner knew about a hazard but did nothing to fix it.

You might be eligible to financial compensation if you or a loved one was hurt in a slip-and-fall accident. Your case can be discussed with and your legal rights can be defended by a slip and fall attorney. The phrase “slip and fall” describes the wounds that occur when someone trips, trips, and falls on someone else’s property. Depending on the specifics of the accident, it may occur on either public or private property, and the property owner may be held accountable.



    Types of Injuries that Result from Slips and Falls

    You should take any injury carefully, even if it seems minor after a simple fall. Even while it would have appeared to be the product of simple carelessness, there could have been serious injuries. These are a few examples of the injuries that may be sustained in these kinds of accidents:

    • Traumatic encephalopathy
    • Bone fractures
    • Joint sprains
    • shoulder sprains
    • muscle aches
    • spinal cord damage
    • nerve injury
    • head trauma