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Electric Scooters

In Concord City and around the state, Regal Attorney defends people who have been wounded in electric scooter accidents. Call (222) 555-555 to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with our legal experts to go through your rights and available choices if you were injured in an accident as a rider, a pedestrian, or a driver.

Although they are still illegal, electric scooters are already being utilised in New York, and it only seems a matter of time before the city legalises their use. Although New Yorkers have differing opinions on this newest mode of transportation, the majority of people will need to learn to adapt.

Although riding an electric scooter is not difficult, most people are usually aware of its unsteady stability right away. Many riders may have the impression that the bike could flip over with a quick shake of the handlebars.



    Types of Electric Scooter Injuries

    For riders of electric scooters, helmets are typically advised, although that does not imply they are always worn. Most electric scooter users do not have nearly the same level of protection as occupants of other motor vehicles, even when wearing helmets.

    As a result, an electric scooter accident may cause severe injuries such as, but not limited to:

    Breaks from road rash
    muscle aches
    nerve injury
    damage to internal organs
    neck wounds
    spinal cord damage
    Traumatic encephalopathy (TBIs)