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Truck Accidents

You might have overwhelming feelings on an emotional and bodily level after a vehicle collision. A commercial truck’s immense size and weight have the potential to result in severe and permanently crippling injuries. Additionally, the financial strain brought on by the catastrophe may be disastrous.

You require a personal injury attorney who is very familiar with truck accidents. A nice legal staff that makes you feel safe and protected is what you want to work with. That is what the Regal Attorney law company in California does. It’s like having a lawyer in the family when you work with us.

Large commercial vehicles play a crucial part in our economy, moving goods and freight worth trillions of dollars each year through the roadways of our country. Unfortunately, due to their size and weight, these vehicles can increase the likelihood that other road users will be seriously injured or worsened in a collision. Those harmed in a truck accident may be entitled to seek financial compensation for their losses due to the catastrophic effects that these kinds of accidents may have on a person’s life.



    How We Can Help ?

    Some of the most hazardous vehicles on American roads are big commercial trucks. Therefore, failing to drive carefully and cautiously around these vehicles puts unwary motorists at risk of being engaged in catastrophic collisions. Our team at regal attorney has the expertise required to assist clients in situations involving:

    Regarding substance use, truck drivers are subject to the same, if not stricter, safety standards as other drivers. Whatever their motivation, if these truck drivers decide to drive while intoxicated, they could put everyone else on the road and themselves in significant danger. Unfortunately, collisions between an 18-wheeler and a moving vehicle can be fatal, frequently leaving the other driver seriously hurt and possibly in need of rapid medical attention.