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Rental Bike Accidents

Bike accidents are on the rise in the California region as bike rentals become more and more common. All across the city, new vendors are sprouting up to provide both locals and visitors with more affordable riding options. Drivers frequently are unaware of the increased usage that has become a growing trend, and these part-time riders frequently have little expertise navigating the congested streets. There are now hundreds of bike rental programmes and self-service stations in Alameda and Concord alone, and even a seemingly straightforward riding experience can result in significant accidents.

There are many different reasons why bicycle accidents happen, such as hazardous lane changes, distracted drivers, shifting traffic patterns, etc. On either public or private property, dangerous circumstances can arise, and frequently the property owner may be held accountable. Urban locations account for the most majority of fatal or serious bicycle accidents, most frequently at crossroads or on busy streets.

Whether you were harmed as a cyclist, a pedestrian, or a driver, we are aware of the destruction that a bike accident can bring. The fact that larger corporations are involved and may have some responsibility for what occurred makes these claims more complicated than those arising from routine bike accidents. It is crucial to retain a knowledgeable attorney who is familiar with these issues and who will fight to ensure that you receive the compensation you are due.



    Types of Bike Share Injuries

    Internal organ injuries
    Spinal cord injuries
    Traumatic brain injuries
    Neck injuries
    Nerve damage
    Road rash
    Muscle strains
    Several different factors can determine the severity of the injuries a bicyclist sustains. The type of crash, the speed involved, and the location of the crash could all play into how seriously a person is injured.